IMG_5237 IMG_5236 This updo was for her prom. she picked out the style from one of our books provided. The theme for prom was ‘The Great Gatsby’ -she ended up telling me that after I was nearly done…so I added the pincurls on the side to try and tie into the theme. 🙂 She loved it, and so did her best friend who was there watching. IMG_5216The one is literally only the second waterfall braid I have ever done, she loved it, I think it turned out pretty decent. Just a tip: if you don’t already know, Braid first – Curl after! You will save yourself a lot of trouble and struggle. 😉 IMG_4824For this, when she came in she wanted a pastel pink at the roots with hot pink ombre down. Well after discussing it with her, she decided on this. Lol! I think it turned out great, and she loved it! 🙂


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