Research: Mustelidae.

Mustela putorius furo is the scientific name for the common domesticated ferret – of which I have 2..and am hoping to get a 3rd. 😉 Anyways, I’ve been doing some extra research on them as of late…and I keep getting even more fascinated by them. Also, I just fall more in love with them with every word I read. 😉


For some background though, I got my ferrets Molly (a Sable Mask) and Goku (an albino) about 2 years ago. They were welcomed into my heart roughly 2 months apart, Molly was first, then came Goku. Before we purchased them we did do research because we believe in knowing and being prepared in how to take proper care of your animals!


Anywho, the reason for my more recent research, is their diet. If any of you have been into Pet Supplies Plus, you know they have bags of food for the animals or that food buffet thing, I don’t know it’s technical name, that is sometimes cheaper than the bags (and vise versa obviously). We generally get the Marshall food from said food buffet, but they didn’t have Marshall, they had a different brand but we figured it would be fine. As it turns out, they haven’t taken to it as keenly as I would like. Generally they delve right into their food, but since this new food…I’ve had to refill their bowl much less often. Even in the past when we were tighter on the monies, we couldn’t afford to buy their food right when they were out or a day or so before, so we would substitute cat food in place of theirs. Now, I know you are not advised to do that but tough times call for extreme measure. When we did that, they still ate a butt ton of it! The only affect it seemed to have on them was it changed the color of their poop.


In my research I’ve learned that I could give them some canned cat food because its high in proteins and fats. I knew that ferrets have a small digestive track and literally cannot digest fruits and vegetables, so I’ve never given them those types of things, but for some reason I wasn’t sure about giving them the canned cat foods. Another good thing about that would be it adding moisture to their diet instead of just having water. Raw egg yolk is also something I found out they can eat…I read eggs before and just figured I’d fry them up real fast but the raw egg yolk (no whites) gives them extra nutrients. I also found they can eat raw chicken bits and lower quality beef that is high in fat, with it being raw it not only gives them the nutrients but also helps strengthen their jaw and neck muscles as well as their teeth. I’m so excited to try giving them these newer (to me and their diet) and more natural foods. But, my research is not done!


Goku loves sleeping in the ball pit more than his hammock..

Goku loves sleeping in the ball pit more than his hammock..


Molly..she is more of the trouble maker than Goku.

Molly..she is more of the trouble maker than Goku.


Fun Fact: Because ferrets are naturally curious and troublemakers..they like to get into everything..and hide. Haha. When I come home and check on them or want to play, Goku comes running up to me..Molly on the other hand likes to just chill wherever she is and stay hidden. When I can’t find her, I look at Goku and say things like “Where’s Molly?” “Where’s your sister?” “Go find Molly!” It always takes him a minute, but he never fails to lead me to her. =] Its so adorable.



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