What fun.

Today was a fairly swell day. I got the dresses I needed for weddings, got a perfume that smells super much like apples…blah blah blah…and then I went to work. I work in retail…so far, it’s not been a bad experience. The first 2 hours went by super slowly…I avoided register like it was the plague…did “put backs”…and then went and worked on the designated section for the day. As I’m color coding, returning misplaced items, straightening racks, organizing by sizes, folding, etc. I am TOTALLY spaced out and in my own little world. I hardly pay attention to anything and anyone else. All of a sudden, I get the beejezus scared out of me, because an employee went over the speaker system to announce a tornado warning has been issued and that all employees and all customers need to stop what they are doing and go to the employee break room for safety. (The speakers were really Loud and I was zoned out so I got super startled)

It totally makes sense, and I get that, but I was surprised that happened. Ever since I’ve had a job, not once has that ever happened to me. So anyways…that was at 6:00 pm. So everyone that was in the store, is now in our much smaller break room.

All of our customers, I will be blunt, are old people. So this break room was filled with old ladies and maybe 1 or 2 old men and 1 fourteen year old girl. The employees today on the other hand, (besides myself) were all 17-18 and just graduating high school. Let me tell you, I do not miss those days. It was all highs school drama and older people trying to work their cellphones. It was stuffy, and smelled like old lady perfume…which is wonderful, in moderate doses. [I just want to say right now that I don’t mean to be offensive when I say “old people” and such things,they are wise and super knowledgeable, and I love almost all those ladies that come in. They are super sweet and most of the time good humored.] Everyone was talking about the tornado, how stuffy it was, Michigan weather, “so & so’s” teacher is mean…yada yada. I literally was standing in the corner between the lockers and the wall playing on my phone. I refused to look up for fear of being engaged in the employees drama filled conversations next to me.

Luckily this whole debacle only lasted 30-40 minutes and then we just got to check out all those customers who were ready to leave after that….seeing as how our department (and our registers) are directly in front of the break room. (; All in all it was a great day….but that is just one experience I hope to never have again.

I do have to just say, that police cars…are stupid. Or, rather, someone didn’t think things through all the way. As I was driving home tonight, it was about 9:30, I was coming from a 45mph zone that turns into a 55mph zone. That’s no big deal but there are a lot of parking lots and stuff around there where people…just like to be stupid. So, i’m trying to be super careful by looking all around turned off my radio, ya know, wanna make it home in one piece, when suddenly I’m blinded. It wasn’t a halogen light, but something with that same intense brightness. I stick a hand in front of my face and just keep driving..thinking someone was just being a jackass leaving their brights on. After I pass the guy, I look in the side-view mirror, and that car was a cop car-not just driving along but it had it’s blue and red flashing lights going, pulling the car in front of it over. When I was passing him I didn’t hear his siren, and I couldn’t even see his lights, just the headlights, only in passing him and getting a rear-view did I notice he was police. It was crazy! I’m glad he wasn’t pulling me over or else I may not have even known he was an officer!


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