Books and things..

Soo…I really don’t know what this will end up being about…probably A LOT of things. ;) I started this bloggy thing to keep in better contact with a friend…Facebook is just too mainstream *just kidding* but basically i’m not quite sure yet what to say. I will start with the fact that i’m a little obsessed with Dr. Who. Should i elaborate? …….OK! Dr. Who is definitely amazing. Entirely fictional but I love it because sometimes i find myself thinking…”i really wish this was real.” it would be a perfect get-away. not that i hate life…but sometimes you just have those days/moments.
If i did have my own space/time machine, i would definitely travel to the 1920′s-1950′s. Life back then seems so simple while aspects seem so glamorous. Yes, yes, i know, the Great Depression and WWII…i would also want to see how all those people made it through all that. I have so much respect and admiration for the common people in those rough times. Everyone pitched in and worked…together and to survive! In this day and age one can hardly trust anyone let alone depend on anyone but themselves. It’s so sad.
I probably am so fascinated with that era because of the books i read. The Miss Match/Miss Fortune series is so good! I love detective novels. Then there is some random series i read when i was bored during Cos. school that was Diva/Vixen/…and something else. Haha.
Books are wonderful, beautiful, extraordinary things! Details, scenarios, plots, characters, love interests, arguments….they’re all stated but you have to use your imagination to fill in all the little cracks. That’s why i love reading books and then (if applicable) watching the movies/tv shows-you get to experience things in your head first…and then see what other people envisioned when they read the same thing. The differences are awesome!  Except for The Hunger Games. But i wont even talk about that.
Some of my favorite authors are Agatha Christie, Edgar Allen Poe, Mary Higgins Clark, G.R.R.M., Ted DekKer…really the list just goes on and i wont bore whoever is reading this. If anyone is reading this feel free to list any books or authors you enjoy! I’m always open to new stories. :)


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