Turtle Rescuers.

Way back when…like a few months ago…I really wanted a turtle. I don’t know why, but I just really, really did. I find them so fascinating and beautiful! Well, a few weeks ago I was talking to my mother in law (she was outside, I was sitting  just near the door) when all of a sudden she screams, “OH MY GOSH!” *le gasp* my heart skipped a beat. I jumped up and started to the door while asking if she was okay. Before I got outside she asked if I liked turtles… I was like “YEAH! Haha. Why?” As I walk outside, she’s walking carefully up the stairs and Trying to carry something. That something was a baby turtle just about the size of a silver dollar. She had found him under a walnut tree. Needless to say I was extremely excited and I held that lil’ guy -his name is Leonardo- and we did all this research on turtles to make sure I knew how the hell to be the best ever turtle mother.
So jump a head to this past Sunday, and I was out with my mother and sister in law, and we were coming home from  a little bit of shopping and all of a sudden my mother in law (she was driving) exclaims “OMG!” My sister and I were confused so we’re like..”what?” Sure enough, mom saw another turtle on the side of the road -we live in the boondocks so lots of dirt roads-. This guy was much bigger, we held him like a sandwich. 😉 He got named Donatello and I made an outdoor aquarium for him in the lil’ pond we have. [We do have a big pond/swamp thing in the back where there are a Crap-ton of turtles and ducks and geese and such living things, but I thought it would be cute to have a turtle pond specifically..]
Now, we come to this morning. My mother in law and I were coming back from running some errands and we were driving Just out of town but still on pavement, when she stops the car and does a U-turn. I look up, fairly confused but thinking we forgot a grocery or something, and ask if we did forget something. She just looks at me and is like “There’s a turtle in the MIDDLE of the road!” Haha. So I ran out and grabbed the little fella and we brought him home. His name is Michelangelo. leo and michael


I have dubbed us the “turtle rescuers.”
*The baby turtle is Leonardo and he is on top of Michelangelo. Donatello likes to not have pictures taken. :(*


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